You have been invited to participate in a local art show that aims to raise awareness around the changes expected in the years to come due to climate change. Artwork should focus on changes that will occur in the next 50 years – within your lifetime – specifically focusing on things that will no longer be around or will be drastically different. Similar to the way we remember and study the dinosaurs of the past, what do you want future generations to remember or know about this time?

Your artwork will be on display at a local museum. After that it will be archived and used to teach future generations about what the world was like in 2018.

Each artwork should commemorate or bring attention to one thing that has the potential to be changed or lost due to climate change. The format will be a 3-D shrine or enclosure with a minimum of five different symbols or elements that signify the thing you are commemorating. The mixed-media sculpture needs to have a minimum of seven different techniques or materials use in its creation.


Exploring Shrines

(Click images below to see examples.)

Mexico Shrines

Greece Shrine


Shrine Explore.png

Exploring Assemblage

Assemblage is making a three-dimensional artistic composition from putting together found objects.



Putting It Together

  • Do a Google Image Search looking for:
    • Artist Shrine
    • Artist Shadow Box
    • Artist Assemblage
  • Why these pieces?
  • What inspires you about them?
  • Find 3 of your favorite shrines or shadow boxes and record your answers on your google doc.
  • Copy and paste the images to a google doc. Include the artist’s name and website.

Elements to think about… Focal point, style, colors, materials, composition, compartments, images, layers (depth), shape/form, repetition, details, craftsmanship

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

What materials or resources will you use or need? Consider…

Materials: Spray glue, glue sticks, Elmer’s glue, hot glue (glue sticks), hot glue (guns), air dry clay, wire, boxes, mat board, poster board, paper, Exacto knives, scissors, watercolors, paint, markers, pens, colored pencils, maps

Resources: Books (animals, plants, shrines, etc.), calendars, magazines (to cut up)


Box 1

Box 2

Box 3


Student Examples: Process and Art Work